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Pool Mate Algaecide

algaecide for every need

If not kept under control, algae can discolor your pool water, clog your filter, cause unpleasant odors and produce slimy, slippery walls and floor. Algae growth is common when the sanitizer level in the water is low or neglected. If the sanitizer is maintained at the proper level at all times, algae will never be able to grow.  Algaecides are used to prevent growth and treat existing algae that survive general sanitizer dosages. Pool Mate Algaecides provide an effective way to combat algae and prevent future algae from forming — keeping your pool healthy and clean for daily enjoyment.


Year Round Summer and Winter Algaecide

  • Non-Metallic algaecide

  • Controls algae growth during summer and winter months

  • For use in all pools treated with biguanide, chlorine, bromine, salt water or minerals

  • Swim in 15 minutes


Non-Foaming Algae Rid

  • Non-foaming, concentrated algaecide for all pool types

  • Kills and prevents green algae

  • 7.41% Chelated copper

  • Wait a minimum of 10 minutes to swim after use


Algae Destroyer

  • Non-Metallic Algaecide for all pool types

  • 99% Sodium Dichlor

  • Kills all algae types

  • Fast Dissolving

  • 55% Available Chlorine


Algaecide 50

  • Powerful, concentrated formula

  • Combats all types of algae that grow in swimming pools or spas

  • Safe enough to swim after 15 minutes

  • Will not stain or leave residue

  • 50% Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride

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No More Green

  • Non-Metallic algaecide

  • 100% Disodium Salt

  • Effective against green algae

  • Concentrate application to problem areas first

  • Wait 24 hours before swimming


90-Day Algae Erase

  • Long lasting, concentrated formula

  • Kills and prevents green, mustard and black algae for 90 days

  • Non-foaming and will not stain surfaces

  • 11.8% Chelated copper

  • For best results use on well-balanced pool water


Black Algaecide

  • Non-Metallic algaecide for all pool types

  • Non-foaming

  • Effective against stubborn black algae as well as green and mustard

  • 60% Poly Algaecide

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