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Pool Mate Balancers

healthy sparkling pool water

Prevent algae growth, cloudy water, scale buildup, corrosion and equipment damage. Balanced pool water is essential to keeping your water clean and making sure all your other chemicals are operating at their most effective. Quick and simple testing will make sure your pool water components will keep your water healthy and sparkling clear. Use a test kit that measures your pools pH, free vailable chorine, total chorine, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and stabilizer. The chlorine in your pool water can work most effectively when ideal ranges are maintained.


pH Down

  • Lowers pH levels  ​

  • Prevents itchy skin & eye irritation
  • Prevents scaling that can damage pool surfaces and equipment

  • Prevents calcium deposits and cloudy water

  • Allows sanitizers to work more effectively


Calcium Increaser

  • Boosts calcium hardness levels

  • Recommended range is 200-400 PPM

  • Below 200 PPM is 'Soft Water'

  • Soft water will corrode pool equipment and etch plaster

  • Helps prevent metallic stains


pH Up

  • Raises pH levels

  • Prevents itchy skin & eye irritation

  • Prevents equipment corrosion & plaster damage

  • Pre-dissolve in a plastic pail

  • Ideal pH range is from 7.2 to 7.6

  • Allows sanitizers to work more effectively


Stabilizer and Conditioner

  • Increases Cyanuric Acid levels

  • Reduces chlorine loss due to sunlight

  • Cuts chlorine consumption by up to 25%

  • Increases chlorine effectiveness

  • 100% Cyanuric Acid


Alkalinity Increaser

  • Raises total alkalinity

  • Stabilizes pH levels

  • Reduces corrosiveness of pool water

  • Boost the effectiveness of your pool water disinfectant

  • Helps prevent scale formation, metal corrosion and etching 

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