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Pool Mate's safety covers including the Pool Mate Secure Mesh 90 for in-ground pools, keep your family, friends and pets safe during the winter. Like winter covers, safety covers keep debris and sunlight out of your pool, in order to keep the water clean, however, safety covers offer a level of protection that winter covers do not. Using brass anchors secured in the pool's deck, the safety cover uses stainless steel springs and nylon straps to attach securely over the swimming pool. Covers are designed for specific pool sizes and shapes, so make sure the cover you purchase is designed for your exact pool.

Safety Covers

The Ultimate Swimming Pool Protection

90% Sun Blocking Mesh Material

Pool Mate's Secure Mesh 90 Safety Cover material allows water to flow through the cover so it does not pool-up on the cover's surface. However, Pool Mate has produced a tight light-blocking weave that blocks out 90% of sunlight, keeping pool algae and contaminents to a minimum.


  • Mesh material prevents the need for a cover-pump

  • Tight weave blocks 90% of harmful solar rays

  • Mesh material drains water in an effecient 100 Gallons Per Minute

Ultra-Strong Construction

Pool Mate's Secure Mesh 90 Safety Cover weighs an incredibly light, 4.2 ounces per square yard, however, it is incredibly strong with a 415 PSI burst rate. This strength comes from the 34 x 20 scrim count (threads per square inch) measuring out to be 12 MILs thick. Secured with UV-resistant threads on the heavy-duty nylon straps the Secure Mesh 90 is an ultra-strong cover without unnecessary weight and bulk.


  • Light weight yet ultra strong with a 415 PSI burst rate

  • Highest abrasion resistance and tear strength in its class

  • Box tack reinforcement stitching on all permiter straps


click here to download the


Heavy-Duty Hardware Included

Pool Mate's Secure Mesh 90 Safety Cover come with everything you'll need to install your cover on a concrete deck swiming pool. Some companies ship safety covers without hardware, not Pool Mate. You'll receive, strap-buckles, stainless steel springs, 2-part brass anchors, a tamping tool, an anchor allen wrench, an installation rod and a summer storage bag.  The only thing you'l l need is an electric drill and a drill bit to install.


  • Stainless steel springs will not rust and include protective cover

  • 2-part brass anchors screw down to be flush with the deck in the summer time

  • Installation rod makes pulling the springs over the anchors a snap

4 Colors to Choose From

Pool Mate's Secure Mesh 90 Safety Cover comes in 4 colors. Blue, Green, Tan, and Gray. All are UV protected and block 90% of sunlight.


Custom Covers Available

Pool Mate produces safety covers for all common rectangular pool sizes with or without center end steps. However, if your pool is a different shape, or size, we'll produce a cover just for your pool. Reach out to your retailer for more information.


Installation guide

Click here to download our safety cover installation guide. It will walk you through all the necessary steps to install your new Pool Mate Safety Cover.

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